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Put Her in The Mood for Sex Subliminal Mp3

Put Her in The Mood for Sex Subliminal Mp3

You will love this subliminal to put her in the mood, always ready, never making excuses. Click the link to read the description.

  • This subliminal mp3 is your SECRET to make her want you and be always ready for you!!! 
  • This is that type of subliminal that works subtle and in time you will have a happy one near you that will be insatiate for sex. So be cautious.
  • Beneath the subliminal, we also recorded at the subliminal level the sound of couples having sex. She and you can not hear that sound consciously.
  • Playing this subliminal will arouse the lady next to you, her nipples will get hard and her vagina will be wet.
  • This might be the subliminal that you need to say goodbye to excuses of not having sex
  • It does not matter what language she speaks, because the sounds of sex are a universal language, understood and acted on by all women.

Pay attention to her pupils while playing this subliminal. Her pupils should get dilated, she should look flushed, her breathing should increase. Her brain will get a boost that she is ready for sex. She will touch you in places you want to be touched, and slowly show you that she is ready.

There are two sets of affirmations. Ones that we are exposing here in plain view and another set that is not for eyes to see- but will be offered to you with the subliminal.

Track 1- will have the affirmations posted here, track two will have the secret affirmations.

You play the one you like the most. Good luck!

I am aroused in your presence. When I hear this subliminal I am wet and excited. I want to feel, kiss,  and touch you. I want to be with you today, now. I want you to take me and make love to me. I want to have powerful orgasms. Your presence makes me really horny. I am excited to be with you. I want you to love me. I offer myself to you now. I am feeling hot and ready to embrace a sexual relationship with you. You are the perfect lover for me. My thoughts are very sexual about you. All I think is to have you in my bed. All my mind can think and imagine is you touching me and bringing me pleasure.


You will receive following 6 files:

1- Affirmation Text file

Track 1 Man and Woman love making sound (No subliminal) 11 Min

Track 2 Subliminal +Rain With affirmations from this page + Mood Noise. 10. min

Track 3 Rain Subliminal With Secret affirmations 10 min

Track 4 Silent Subliminal with a mix of affirmations secret affirmations for the first 10 minutes and the affirmations that are on this page on the next 10 minutes (total time 20 min).

Track 5 music and Subliminal (Music For Reiki) 12 min

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