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Threesome Subliminal Mind

Threesome Subliminal Mind

A subliminal for people that dare to dream and have a fantasy in three. Please click the link for description.

Threesome or ménage à trios is not a new concept, and many couples like to experiment with it.
Whatever a man and two women or a woman and two men, a threesome means just that, three people.
Many people fantasize about it, very few put it into practice, because of inhibitions or fear of losing their partner.
What if there is a way to make your partner open about their fantasy, and request you to have a threesome?
It might take a long time for this subliminal to work, as subliminal only works on people that truly have the inner desire. So if you have a wife or long-time companion, and want to spice things in the bedroom, how about trying this subliminal?

Is not magic, and it works by opening up your partner to try new things, in order to keep you happy.
The affirmations are divided in two- one for a man and two women, and another one for a woman and two men.
Play the one you would like and want.
The affirmations are not directly posted in this website you can download them after payment or if you want to see them in advance, before making the purchase please contact us – and we will send them to you.

After payment you will receive  two sets of downloads and two sets of affirmations.

Keep only the one that interests you.

A man & two women

Music Subliminal 17 min (some sound effects are embedded)

Rain Subliminal 26:56 min

Silent Subliminal 17 min


Text Affirmations included

A woman and two men fantasy

Music Subliminal with explicit sounds 17:40 (sound effects embedded)

Creek Water 19 min

Silent Subliminal 17:33

Text Affirmation Included.

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