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Enjoy Oral Sex, Control Gag Reflex Subliminal

Enjoy Oral Sex, Control Gag Reflex Subliminal

Kiss it, love it, use it. Enjoy oral sex and stop gag reflex. Subliminal can work on your subconscious mind. Click the title to read the affirmations.

Control your Gag reflex

Our body is built with a defense mechanism to protect us from injury or to swallow large objects. If you have been to a circus and saw the Sword swallowing, you might think that is a trick.

Today might be because they use a telescopic sword, but the swallow swords that respect themselves learned how to suppress the gag reflex. It comes from your subconscious mind.

So we decided to make a subliminal that will help you with the gag reflex, whatever is done by watching something disgusting that makes you gaga, or because you want to offer your partner an oral pleasure. 

First, make up your mind, then imagine how happy your partner might be.

We understand that the human race has been blamed for allowing oral sex, but what if you are sick and can not have normal intercourse? Should you lose your partner? No, you should not. Try our subliminal audio Control Your Gaga Reflex, and see if it is helping you.

Program yourself to appreciate oral sex

Do you love receiving oral sex? Do you like to give it? Whether you like to give or receive or if you would just like to be able to do it better, this subliminal will open your mind and allow you to give and receive oral sexual intercourse better than you ever thought possible. With the power of NLP you will be able to transition your sexual lifestyle into one that is heightened to new levels with your partner!

Affirmations Stop Gag Reflex:

I am perfectly fine offering oral pleasure.

I am perfectly fine touching the back of my mouth.

When I give oral sex, my body accepts my partner.

I enjoy oral sex and I am fine performing it.

I enjoy pleasuring my partner orally.

I am making up my mind regarding oral sex.

I am training my mind to refuse to gag.

When I feel the gag reflex, I breathe deep and relax.

I can touch the back of my throat without repercussions.

Whenever I feel the gag reflex getting stronger, I close my eyes and relax.

I train my mind to accept the facts of life that triggered my gag reflex.

My gagging is a thing of the past.

My partner phallus is more important to me.

I possess no inhibitions, I enjoy oral sex!

I am pleased to give my partner oral intercourse.

I am providing the greatest oral intercourse.

I am happy providing my significant other oral pleasure.

I feel sexually self-confident.

I am open to transition and new encounters.

My thought process releases the inhibitions.

You will receive 2 download mp3s

Silent Track is 11 Minutes and is title GR

Rain Subliminal is 50  Minutes and is titled GRR

A total of 60 minutes

No advertising. No Intro, Perfectly discreet.

In the Cart The Title will be CGR

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