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Wife Training Subliminal

Wife Training Subliminal

Want your wife or girlfriend to respect your wishes and fantasy? How about training her mind to think and act the way you like. Click the title to read the affirmations.

Wife training – Girlfriend Training Subliminal.

So you married or found the girl of your dreams. She was nice and willing but now she is lazy or tired all the time. First, before you demand, help her relax a little. Court her, and help her feel needed.
If all your effort is in vain then we put together a subliminal program that might help you.
Your wife needs to be willing to listen to subliminal so she can open her mind, improve her libido, and want to do what you ask. As long as we know from history, any obedient wife is an amazing wife.

An obedient girlfriend is also a wife material. So whatever woman wants this subliminal she will make her man happy after listening to this subliminal for at least 30 days.

When you purchase this download you will receive:

Affirmations in a text document,

1 Silent Subliminal MP3 37:58 Minutes

2 Rain Subliminal MP3 36.57 Minutes

3  Moaning and Vibrator Sound mixed with subliminal 13 minutes

4-Woman Enjoying Herself Sound only (no subliminal)

You do not need to use all three tracks, use the one your partner agrees with.

Subliminal affirmations in their pure form written are also available to download after purchase.

We sanitize them here,  as much as we could. At checkout will be W. Training

I love pleasing my partner. I enjoy masturbating myself in front of my man. I live to please my man. Every day all I think is to find ways to please my man.
I am open to new sexual ideas. I read and search the internet for a way to please my man. When we are home I initiate sex. I offer blow jobs without asking.
I treat my man like a king. I am a good woman. I am the best lover. I dress, walk and talk as my man wants.
When my man tells me to jump I ask how high. I like to be a whore in bed a good cook in the kitchen. I like cooking topless. When we go out I avoid wearing underwear. I let him touch my… anywhere, anytime. We like fore-playing. I am open to kinky sex. I am craving my man …

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