You agree that you’re entirely responsible for using this program in a legal manner and precluding underage children from being exposed to it, or affected by it. You agree to use this program only in places and at times where it’s legal to do so, and applicable to do so. You agree to never expose anyone to this program without their knowledge and express consent to being exposed and/ or affected by it. By using this program, you further accept and understand that it’s your particular responsibility to make sure that you take all applicable preventives to help unwanted results like, gestation or STD. You agree not to expose anyone to subliminal if they’re too drunk or impaired by alcohol or any other medicine, and to use it around anyone, who for any reason other than intoxication can not fairly make a decision or know ( partner. age, internal status,etc.) that are being exposed to this program.

There are few ways to buy Mp3

  1. One link is for Visual Cart.
  2. One link is for a List of Products and brings you to the same cart.

If none of the above works, use our

3. Pay Pal Shopping Cart.

Q: Where are my download links?

After payment, if your transaction was completed, a receipt for your purchase will be emailed to you.

The download links are sent directly to your email address.

If you made a mistake with your email address, please contact us so we can send you manually all the downloads.

If you use Hotmail or MSN, chances are you did not receive our email, try to send us an alternate email address.

To contact us directly mephistosubliminal@att.net or use the form in this website.

Q: Is Subliminal 100% Effective?

Subliminal is not 100% effective, because nothing is, and some people have a stronger will than others and are not readily susceptible to hypnotherapy.

Q: Are you the same mephistosubliminal from the past?

This is not the old Mephisto-Subliminal. They did not sell their business to us. A Chinese company bought their website which has a hyphen between Mephisto and Subliminal.
We are a subliminal company that has worked in this industry for 18 years, we have a different website where we sell normal, day-to-day, subliminal and this is for adults only.

Q:Do you make Cds?
Yes, we do, but at the moment we work on making our products available to you. However, you can contact us for any product we sell and we can make a cd for you with discreet labeling of your choice. The price is $30 and free shipping in the USA.

Q: Does Subliminal work?

Yes, it is working wonders. If wasn’t working there will not be so many companies that sell this product. You, the customers are the one that decide to like or dislike a product,

Q: It is subliminal REAL or a placebo effect?

Skeptics said that is not real but then I ask myself if it is not real why is banned in advertising? I think you know the answer.

Q: What are subliminal messages?

Subliminal messages are positive affirmations. The affirmation becomes subliminal when the frequency is changed by passing your conscious audible limit.

Q: What is Silent Subliminal? (aka: Ultra subliminal)

Silent subliminal doesn’t mean silence in the literal or strict sense of the word instead means without any background noise. (music or nature sound)

What should I know about your Subliminal?

Expect the subliminal labeled “silent” to appear to be totally soundless even though playing. The frequency is changed and can not be understand by your conscious mind. Anticipate that the ocean waves, rain, and bubbling creek are to be heard as ocean waves, rain, and a bubbling creek. Each of these tracks is really a full 10-12 minutes in length. All four tracks will possess the exact same precise script underneath the masking track.

How do I use your subliminal?

Subliminal it’s really basic to utilize.

1-Adjust the volume to a comfortable level using any audible mp3- we recommend a normal level.

2-Ocean Waves, rain, and Bubbling creek have the effect of white noise – this means you can get relaxed and need to sleep.

3-Do not drive or operate machinery while playing the tracks with nature sound.

4- Silent track can be used anytime.

How long do I need to use it?

Subliminal is designed to replace old habits that are stuck in to the subconscious.  Results may typically be seen to begin showing noticeable results within between 3 days (for very receptive people under very good conditions) to 2 weeks, depending on how many hours of use per day.  Subliminal programs should be used for a minimum of one hour per day for a minimum of 30 days

Because subliminal is not a quick fix , the change must first be accepted by the subconscious mind before new habits can take place, and the process of acting upon it may take several weeks or months to show results, depending on what is being done and for how long you had the bad habits.

Some subliminal programs are designed for very long term use.  An example would be Millionaire Mind Program, which is designed to be used until you achieve the goal of becoming a millionaire, which may be two, three or four years.  Our entire subliminal are designed to be used until the results are achieved, and should be used every day for at least one hour per day.

How much time per day should I use it?

1-2 hours per day in order to not overload the subconscious. Overloading will result in refusing to accept the positive reinforcement.

Can I do other things while the subliminal plays?

Yes! Our subliminal programs are designed to be as useful as feasible. This means that not only you can do other things while you use subliminal, but that you’ll be able to do other activities too, but not driving. I explained earlier.

Do I need Headphones?

No our subliminal do not require headphones. Headphones are recommended when you would like to make use of your subliminal without affecting the men and women close to you.

You say the silent is supposed to be soundless, but I hear a great pitched whine/static?

A substantial pitched generally signifies subsequent issues:

1-You are playing to loud (the volume is too high).

2-You have exceptional hearing.

3- You are not used with subliminal.

4- The equipment used is old .

5-You are under 27 years old. Young men and women possess an excellent hearing.

Solution: Try lowering the volume to a reasonable level.

If you are hearing static this is a definite indicator that either the player or the speaker/headphones cannot handle ultrasonic. This occurs on non-standard gear occasionally.

  1. Check the volume. Adjust your volume using an audible mp3 (your own music). When you consider the sound is at normal level play the subliminal.

How many of these subliminal programs can I use at once?

1-Never use more than three applications at the same time.

2-Use the programs for as much time as you can, but at different points in the day, and give your brain a rest.

Example at 10 am use one program at 12 pm another program.

3-The fewer the programs you use at once, the faster each will take hold.

You have more questions or contact us with your questions. We answer very fast.