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Weight Loss Subliminal

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Lose Weight with Subliminal Mp3, Unlike the ordinary subliminal our audio uses Questions, challenging your subconscious to accept changes. If the normal subliminal did not work try this one. You might be amazed by the results.


Why is it so easy for me to lose weight?

Losing Weight now!

For very long humanity is challenged by loss weight Thousand of recipe and diets promising a fast weight loss – are bombarding our media, news, TV, and internet. Losing weight is not as easy as advertiser make it seem and is not a process that can be done in 30 days.

If you ever watched “The Biggest Loser “ almost all contestants gained back the weight and their metabolism was ruined for life.

The human body is amazing, it can heal itself, clean itself and work without any help from our part. However big food companies ruined the food industry and gave us chemicals and non-digestible food. For them to become richer than any human in history have ruined the whole planet.

Of course, the food is delicious because is loaded with sugar and sugar is very addictive.

Our subliminal doesn’t make promises that overnight you will lose weight or keep a diet. Nothing can guarantee that but you and your determination.

So we put together a different kind of subliminal that is different than any ordinary audio using questions instead or affirmations.

Try our subliminal and you should be a step closer to losing weight and being healthy.

Without your own desire to quit sugar, you will never change anything.

Affirmations used on this subliminal

 Why is it so easy for me to lose weight?
Why am I losing weight so quickly?
Why am I so slim?
Why do I love my body?
Why do I have a fast metabolism?
Why is it so easy to lose excess body fat?
Why is losing body fat so easy & effortless for me?
Why is my body getting slimmer every day?
Why do I burn body fat so easily?
Why am I slim and happy?
Why is it easy for me to maintain my ideal body weight?
Why do I have a small appetite?

2 Tracks 78 Minutes total

Mp3 Subliminal 30 Minutes with Rain background

Mp3 Silent Subliminal 48 Minutes Background

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