Try New Things in Bedroom Subliminal

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Unleash Your Fantasies

So you are together for a long time and everything seems the same. Want to spice up, try new things? But what if your brain doesn’t let you do it, because of education, culture, peer pressure, religion etc.
In the privacy of your home, you are the king.
Want to try something new?

Then be more extroverted, stop being shy, try and see how can you spice the bedroom pleasures.
It is usually the female that keeps deep inside her, all the dreams and fantasies. If you want to have success, unleash your fantasies. This subliminal will help you and she accept sex, accepts talking dirty, accepts role-playing, and much more.

Affirmations for Unleash Your Fantasies
I love talking dirty during foreplay. I express all my inner fantasies to you. I like going down and give you pleasure. I love accepting new ideas to spice our bedroom life. I am always ready for sex. I have supreme confidence in my sexual ability. I am a skilled and fantastic lover. I confess my fantasies to you. I feel safe in the bedroom. I am easily aroused and stimulated. I love to fondle and touch myself while I sleep.
I have wild erotic dreams. The morning after making love I am rested and energetic. I sleep naked so we can touch and arouse each other.
I love being touched while I am sleeping. It arouses me to share my sexual fantasies with you. It arouses me thinking about you giving me oral sex. It arouses me knowing I can initiate  sex with you.

Subliminal MP3 two tracks

Silent Unleash Your Fantasies UFS  14:39

Rain Unleash Your Fantasies UFR 48:00

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