Stop P E Subliminal

Stop EJ

Stop Premature Ejaculation 

Our subliminal program is created to help you use the power of your mind to stop premature ejaculation. 

This subliminal mp3 album should help you resolve your inhibitions problems. Here is how this album will help:

  • Mentally you will receive positive affirmation that will help you to last longer during sex: 
  • You will have enough power to last longer before you orgasm.
  • You will learn to control and stop premature ejaculation.
  • If you have negative thoughts, shame, or limiting beliefs this subliminal should also help to get over them.
  • When you have the sex you will not be afraid that will finish before your partner.
  • Improve your love life, your relationship and gain the confidence you lack, without the fear of embarrassment.

Download today and start using in minutes:

Affirmations used on this recording.

  • My mind control and avoids premature ejaculation

  • I control my orgasm and my excitement

  • It is easy to drift my mind away when I feel ready to ejaculate, therefore avoid the climax.

  • I have climax only when my conscious mind wants.

  • I can last a long time before ejaculating

  • I will always let my partner have climax before I ejaculate.

  • Satisfying my partners makes me happy and confident.

  • Sex with me lasts a long time.

  • I like foreplay and I keep my mind in the game of foreplay.

  • I am a confident lover because I have long-lasting hours of love.

  • I enjoy making love slowly and savor each moment.

  •  I’m always in control of when I am ready to finish.

  • My sexual stamina is improving.

  • I have a healthy sex drive and I put it to good use.

  • I can be making love for hours.

  • I only ejaculate when is the right time.

  • I take my time to enjoy the pleasurable moments and increase the amount of sperm.

    This subliminal has three tracks each of 30 minutes.

  • Silent Stop premature Ejaculation
  • Ocean Stop premature Ejaculation
  • Rain Stop premature Ejaculation
  • You can play the silent track while having fun and see if it is helping you.

Do not play Ocean  or Rain while driving.

Title of this Mp3 will show as Stop EJ

Disclaimer: Our programs are designed and intended for use by adults only, and only with the knowledge and consent of all those who are exposed to it.  Our subliminal doesn’t force anyone to do anything against their will. We do not coerce anyone to buy our products.