Stop Being Lazy- Stop Procrastinating Subliminal

Laziness or most nicely put Procrastination is not a virtue and can get in your way of living your life at fullest. Worst case scenario you can lose lot of opportunities from being lazy. Our subliminal is not a miracle cure but has helped other get rid of procrastination, put their buts up of the couches, and make a life of themselves.
To get motivated sometimes is hard but not impossible. If you get rid of this feeling “ I don’t want to…” you can move mountains.
This subliminal Mp3 combo is made from three subliminal programs, Ocean, rain and Silent.
Play each subliminal whenever you like, as long as you like as little as you like.
No rules with subliminal. But don’t be lazy, just push the button of your player.

Affirmations used on this subliminal

I move myself from couch potato, to an active human being. I do all my chores in times. If anything broke in my house, my car or my office, I take care of it right away. I pay my bills in time. I do all my duties in time. I take care of my laundries. I take care of my house cleaning. I help at house cleaning. I wake up always in time. I go to meetings on times. I am punctual. I jump to finish my chores daily. I am motivated always. I spend less time inactive. I am active and outgoing. I am full of energy. Everything I am doing brings me happiness. I have lots of energy. I am very motivated and very determined.

Three Downloads.

Ocean Subliminal 20 Minutes

Rain Subliminal 20 Minutes

Silent Subliminal 20 Minutes

Ocean and Rain can be used when you guys relax, or when she sleeps, silent can be used at any time, even constantly, playing on a loop.
DO NOT PLAY Nature sound while driving.