Stop Pornography Addiction

End Porn Addiction

Stop Pornography Addiction

Any addiction is wrong, for your health and your money but pornography addiction is also unhealthy for your mind and your relationship with real people in the real world. We put together great affirmations for making your mind decide to forget about pornography and live in the real world.
Everything in your computer or on any screen is a smoking mirror, it is not real and you can not live your life like that.
Yes, it is fun to watch once in a while and get ready for a date night, but daily? You know you want to stop because you are here, and we are here to help you, discreet and fast.

Affirmations that are used on this subliminal.

I choose to get away from pornography. I am free of addiction to pornography. I work on my mental attitude. I like living my life free of any addictions. I live a clean lifestyle. My sex views are changing. I am letting go of past addictions. I have a healthy lifestyle. I have an exciting sex life with my partner. I avoid visiting porn websites. I control my sexual desires. I control my sexual urges. I am in control of my habits and urges. Everything I do brings me away from pornography. I live a healthy life. I avoid masturbation. I avoid thinking of porn. I am a new person.


There are Two Tracks 30 Minutes each. One is Silent Subliminal the second one is Rain Subliminal, with discrete labeling A.P-Rain and A.P Silent.
When you download this MP3 the tracks are listed as A.P (Addiction to Pornography) and there is nothing to show what is inside those tracks. You can play the silent subliminal anytime while watching TV, reading something on the internet, or sleeping. The Rain Subliminal is Good for when sleeping.

Do not play Rain Subliminal while driving.