Overcome hang-ups and taboos

Overcome sexual hang-ups and taboos subliminal mp3

Overcome sexual hang-ups and taboos

We understand that there can be a time when you or your partner might have sexual hang-ups.

Enjoying sex can become a pain due to insecurities, inhibitions, shame, age. Other people have a problem with enjoying sex, due to cultural or religious beliefs. Some people are afraid to enjoy themselves due to the way they were brought up – by parents that were too prude or too afraid to explain what sex is.

Hang-ups can put a stop to desire can also affect your sex life. When negative thinking comes to your mind is very hard to enjoy sex.

Worries and stress of everyday life are enough to lower your libido, but on top of that to have a sexual taboo or hang-up is too much to bear.

Men think that they are not as good as the Porn star they know about. Women think that they are not so sexy as the actress on TV.

Others think that they have to compete with past lovers.

When old age approaches men to think that their erection might not last. Too young or too old, all are worried.

Stop those insecurities with this subliminal. Is not quick but will help you erase those taboo, and end this maddening questions that put a hang-up on your relationship.


Affirmations to Overcome sexual hang-ups and taboos


I have a great body, it is mine and I love it.

It is Ok to touch and be touched.

It is Ok to watch and be watched.

It is ok to have sex in daylight.

It is ok to not cover myself when we are having sex.

I have a great partner and loves me the way I am.

I have a perfect love life.

I am confident in myself.

I am a skilled lover.

I have perfect lover skills.

I love to be touched and touch back.

It is OK for me to be loved.

I am comfortable giving and receiving oral sex.

I have great confidence in my abilities as a lover.

I am eliminating all the taboos from my mind.

I am happy to be watched undressing.

I am creative in bed.

I express my sexual desires.

I am confident in bed.

My partner chooses to be with me and loves having me in bed.

I am confident and happy.

I am grateful for what I learned.

I have perfect body.

My partner loves my body.

My body smells nice.

My partner love touching my body and my private parts.

I am blessed to be sexually active.

I love sex and I am unleashed when having sex.

I like talking dirty and sexy.

I moan when I have orgasms.

I am always confident that sex with me is a blessing.

You will receive three tracks

1 Track Music Subliminal to Overcome Sexual Hang ups 30 Min

2-Track Rain Subliminal to Overcome Taboos 30 Min

3- Track 3 Creek Water to Overcome Sexual Taboos or Hang Ups 30 min

4- Track4 Silent Subliminal 35 Min

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