Out Of Friends Zone

Out of the Friend Zone

Out Of Friends Zone, Commitment Subliminal

If you are in a friend zone and the woman you want is not making a commitment, but you have access to her ears, this subliminal is for you. She needs to be exposed to the subliminal audio in order to affect her moods and her mind. The best is if she really wants to change and be with you not as a friend, but as a lover. Your shoulder is not only for crying on it but for support. You are not just a friend but a lover and a companion.

With subliminal there are no promises that this might work. People are not all alike, some are susceptible to subliminal persuasion and some are unaffected. So keep an open mind, that subliminal might work or might not. We promise that our subliminal uses the exact words you are seeing posted on this page.

What you will receive:

Three Downloads.

Ocean Subliminal 20 Minutes

Rain Subliminal 20 Minutes

Silent Subliminal 20 Minutes

Ocean and Rain can be used when you guys relax, or when she sleeps, silent can be used at any time, even constantly, playing on a loop.



I am committed to you. I am out of the friends zone and in the lover zone. I want you and only you to be in my life. I want to make love to you. I want to make you happy. I am leaving my past behind. Anyone who looks at me is unimportant. I have eyes only for you. I am committing to you and our relationship. Everything you do amazes me. Your lover skills are amazing. All day long I wait to be back into your arms. Every thought I have involves you. I want your love and I will do anything for it. I fell in love with you over and over again. Every morning I wake up I want to be next to you. I am in love with you deeply. I affirm my love through my actions. I tell you clearly that I want to be with you. I am ready to be in a monogamous relationship. You are the only thing that matters in my life. I will be honest and devoted to you. I will please you. I will be a good partner. I will be honest and loving.

Please do not use subliminal ocean or rain while driving or operating heavy machinery. If you have seizures do not use subliminal at all.