Meet, Pick-Up and Seduce Women- Pick Up Artist Subliminal

So you are shy and want to meet women. The mind is an amazing thing that can put barriers or can make you extrovert. Having confidence with women is a plus in life. Subliminal can help you

  • Become a seductive man
  • Make all women you meet think about you sexually.
  • Your Charm will make women want to jump in bed with you.
  • Become charismatic
  • Get rid of insecurities even in the event of a rejection 
  • Act as a successful confident man
  • Become a sexual machine that women dream about.


I am a charming man. Women are attracted to me sexually. Every woman wants to be touched by me. When I smile women get wet.Women want my attention. Women fight to be with me. I am very attractive to women. I make women wet just by looking at them. Women have wet dreams about me. I am a very confident man. I look good dressed and undressed. I project confidence. Confidence makes women want to be with me. I have a beautiful smile. When I touch a woman just cordial I make her sexually aroused. Women check my package and drool over it. Women want to please me orally. I make women have orgasmic pleasure.  I am irresistible. I seduce women easily. I am a real seducer.

This subliminal has two tracks. A silent subliminal and a Rain Subliminal – over an hour with no intro or advertising. The silent subliminal has the affirmations from the secret affirmations. The secret affirmations will be disclosed to you in the download page. It will be in a text file, easy to open and read.