Make your Woman an Ultimate Sexual Machine

Make your Woman an Ultimate Sexual Machine


We put together few affirmations that are not for the faint heart or prude.

This subliminal is about making your woman desire you- desire to give you oral sex, anal sex, normal sex and kinky sex.

This subliminal is recommended only if your partner is into this types of love games.

Because the words are uncensored, we do not disclose the affirmations; the affirmations will be ready to download on a text file.

Men want and always have a fantasy- their woman to be free to express herself, but also adore and cherish his manhood.

The best relationship is based on sex. Later in life we cherish our minds, but for now let’s have fun.


So this subliminal has three tracks – each track is 30 minutes long.

1 Track Silent,(30 Min)

1 Track Rain Subliminal, (30 Min)

1 Track Ocean Subliminal. (30 Min)

A total of 120 minutes.

The tracks are named Ultimate S Subliminal

Here are affirmations with censored words.

Please click this link:Censored Affirmations


Disclaimer. We can not imply that the subliminal works on everyone. Also your privacy is very important. We do not store your name or address.

Do not use Ocean or rain while driving.