Ultimate S Machine

Make your Woman an Ultimate Sexual Machine


We put together a few affirmations that are not for the faint heart or prude.

This subliminal is about making your woman desire you and open to you for foreplay and pleasure in bed.

This subliminal is recommended only if your partner is into this type of love game.

The affirmations written, will be ready to download on a text file.

Men want and always have a fantasy- their woman to be free to express herself, but also adore and cherish his manhood.

The best relationship is based on sex. Later in life, we cherish our minds, but for now, let’s have fun. Just because you and your partner want to have more sex than usual it is not forbidden.

Please ask your partner if she is willing to try this subliminal. If she says yes, then go ahead and purchase this product. She will be happy to become a great sex partner, and you will be happy too.

So this subliminal has three tracks – each track is 30 minutes long.

1 Track Silent,(30 Min)

1 Track Rain Subliminal, (30 Min)

1 Track Ocean Subliminal. (30 Min)

A total of 120 minutes.

The tracks are named Ultimate S Subliminal


Disclaimer: Our programs are designed and intended for use by adults only, and only with the knowledge and consent of all those who are exposed to it Our subliminal doesn’t force anyone to do anything against their will. We do not coerce anyone to buy our products. You, the buyer are entirely responsible for how you use this program, on whom, with whom, when, and where you use it. Please do not expose intentionally or unintentionally to anyone that is unaware, of this subliminal.   You agree to be the only responsible party- and hold harmless mephistosubliminal and its creators, for the results and consequences of the use of this program.  You agree that you are entirely responsible for using this program in a legal manner, and preventing underage children from being exposed to it, affected by, it, or able to access and use it.  You agree to use this program only in locations and at times where it is legal to do so, and appropriate to do so.  You agree never to expose anyone to this program without their knowledge and express consent to being exposed to and affected by it.  By using this program, you further accept and understand that it is your personal responsibility to make sure that you take all appropriate precautions to prevent unwanted results like pregnancy or STDs.  You agree not to expose anyone to subliminal if they are too intoxicated with alcohol or any other drug to be able to drive legally and to prevent anyone who for any reason other than inebriation cannot legally consent to sex (ex. age, mental status, etc.) from being exposed to this program. Do not expose anyone to this program which is not healthy enough to have sex safely. We can not imply that the subliminal works on everyone. Also, your privacy is essential. We do not store your name or address.

Do not use Ocean or rain while driving.