Make Her Tell Fantasies

Make her reveal her fantasies

Make Her Tell Sexual Fantasies

Make her reveal her fantasies.

If you are in love with someone or want to please that someone, will be much better if she would want to reveal her fantasies.

However, there are people who do not have fantasies if they are happy where they are in the relationship or sex is only with someone they love. However, there are people who have innocent fantasies that could be easily made come true, but the person that has those thoughts is afraid to tell their partner for different reasons.

An innocent thought example would be:  that she wants you to talk with her, with an accent, or she would like you to touch her in a certain manner. Maybe she wants to have spontaneous sex in a bathroom at a restaurant as she saw in movies, or she would like you to have a tie and socks when making love.

If you are wondering what the person next to you thinks during sex, let’s help them a little open up and share with you their inner fantasy.

The affirmations we put together might take a while to work, and if the person you want to share with this subliminal might also have no fantasy, so there is no guarantee.


I am open to you! I am sharing with you my inner thoughts. I want you to please me – and I like to share with you my thoughts. All my inner fantasies are now out in the open. I am sharing with you all my sexual thoughts. I share with you how I want to be touched. I love sharing with you how and what I want you to say to me. I am open to all my sexual fantasies. I am open to talk about my inner desires. I share with my partner what makes me happy. Everything I want to be done to me, I share with my partner. My fantasies are making our relationship stronger. I am uninhibited sexual. I like to tell my partner, everything that pleases me. When I close my eyes and enjoy my partner, I share all my inner thoughts.

This subliminal has two tracks 30 minutes each same suggestions .

1 Track is Rain Subliminal

2 Track is Silent Subliminal

Silent can be played while other sound is playing in room, for example your own music.

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