Love Your Body Subliminal

Healthy Body Image

Body Image, Confidence Boost Subliminal

Many people are self-conscious about their bodies. Women do not want to undress in front of their partner, men do not want to be seen by their partner in a certain light.

Let me share with you a little secret.

Your partner chooses to be with you because he/she likes you, the way you are. 

They love your little flaws, but you need to love those flaws yourself.

Every single person on this earth is beautiful – and everyone should love themselves. And if you love yourself, then others will love you even more.

Are you looking in the mirror and find flaws? 

Are you always very critical about your tummy, love handles, or your chin? 

Stop- whatever you critically see in the mirror, your partner doesn’t see. 

You are beautiful and if you don’t know that let’s help you cross the barrier, and see yourself in a different light.

The positive affirmations we are posting here will be repeated for the duration of subliminal tracks.


I love my body image. I am confident and feel good in my own skin. I see myself as beautiful. I project beauty and light. My amazing character makes me desirable and attractive. I accept myself and the way I look. My body is perfect and represents me. I have perfect curves. I have amazing skin. I have beautiful features. I am breathtaking. Anyone that sees my body falls in love with me. I love myself and I am loved. Everything I am is beautiful. I am confident and happy with my image.

What is on this MP3:

3 Tracks :

1-Ocean Subliminal MP3 – 30 Minutes

2-Rain Subliminal MP3 – 30 Minutes

3-Silent Subliminal MP3- 30 Minutes

Each subliminal track use the same affirmations from above.

Nothing to hear, no advertising, no intro.

Do not play  any of those tracks while driving.