Boost the Count Fast

Sperm Boost

Boost Your Sperm Count Fast Subliminal MP3

Improve your life and your sperm. If you look forward to having a family and you found out that your sperm count is low, try first this subliminal. Our minds are a miracle of nature. Try helping your brain to fire exact orders to the hypothalamus, and the endocrine system, for just a small price.

This subliminal is not intended to cure or diagnose you.

We tried to create affirmations that will address Sperm health improving quantity, movement of the sperm, and a mental positive attitude.

Because sperm is a product of the communication between the brain and your hypothalamus, and testes, subliminal should work well. You have to take measures to help your brain work well with your body. This subliminal should be helpful on your journey.

Affirmations used on this subliminal:

I discharge a huge amount of semen in a single ejaculation. My semen is healthy and virile.

I discharge over 15 million sperm per milliliter. My sperm moves faster. My sperm is very active. This subliminal activates my hypothalamus or the pituitary gland. My brain sends signals to my testicles to produce testosterone. I produce large amounts of testosterone. I maintain a healthy weight. I eat well. I exercise. I feel healthy. My brain communicates with my testicles to create a large amount of viable sperm. I am stress-free. I am producing millions of very fertile spermatozoids. I have a healthy sexual life.  I have healthy sperm. I am calm and collected. I keep a positive attitude. I have a healthy balanced diet. I am very virile. I have a healthy sexual life. I have a healthy mind. My body is perfect. My sperm is healthy and very fast. I boost my sperm count naturally. My mind can create very healthy sperm. My hypothalamus works at perfect parameters. I rest well while sleeping. I am happy the way I am.


This subliminal has three tracks 30 minutes each.

Ocean Subliminal,

Rain Subliminal

Silent Subliminal.

Do not play Ocean Subliminal, or Rain while driving. You can play silent subliminal anytime.

Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash