Attract Opposite Sex Subliminal

Attract Oposite Sex Subliminal

Bring up to surface your sexual magnetism.

If you are in dating mode and have a hard time attracting your opposite sex, maybe it’s time to work a little on your inside self-confidence and also on your pheromones.

Pheromones — are a chemical substance that is secreted by a species, animal or human, that is not easily perceived, but it is meant to transmit a signal to another person creating an attraction to the opposite sex or same-sex, but only in between the same species.

We created a subliminal program that will help you effortlessly Attract the Opposite Sex

With our subliminal you can:

  • Improve your production of pheromones you will attract the right person to mate with.
  • Make the opposite sex crazy about you
  • Become successful in attracting the people you want to mate with.

You can attract beautiful and ugly too, so be careful with this subliminal.

We put together some affirmations that not only work on your pheromones but also on your attitude and how you present yourself to the opposite sex.

We send signals without realizing, signals that can put off the person we try to attract.

There can be some imperceptible signals that you emanate and will be holding you back from maximizing your sexual appeal.

Also, it is possible that a negative attitude can make you undesirable to the opposite sex.

When a person is on the market to find someone they look for positive people not sad, gloomy negative crying babies.

Become a Sex Magnet with Subliminal Mp3

When you listen to these positive Affirmations that are recorded subliminally, the results will astound you and will continue to get better each time you listen.

Start your journey to a life full of sexual encounters, lots of dates, and lots to choose from.

Subliminal Affirmations:

I am a relaxed and laid-back individual. My body secrets pheromones that attract the opposite sex. I am a sexual magnet. I am sexy and everyone wants to be with me. I am a magnetic individual. I have many partners to choose from. When I enter a room, I create a wave of sexual attraction. I radiate love and others reflect love to me. I make people instantly attracted to me. I have a magnetic personality. I am positive. I like to smile and I melt anyone’s heart. My body language makes the opposite sex crazy about me. I have healthy glowing skin. My eyes undress the persons in front of me. My lips scream kiss me. My body moves make anyone want to have sex with me. The opposite sex loses any inhibitions in my presence. I am full of vitality. I inspire trust and luxurious love. Anyone I want to have sex with is eager to please me. I pick and choose as I please. I am confident and it show. I am charismatic and sexually attractive.

This subliminal mp3 has 3 tracks.

Track1  Attract Opposite Sex  Ocean Subliminal 25 Minutes

Track2 Attract Opposite Sex  Rain Subliminal 40 Minutes

Track 3 Attract Opposite Sex  Silent Subliminal 35 min

Track 4 Attract Opposite Sex Music Subliminal 37 min

Over two hours of Subliminal.