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Price is $100 and you can create your custom subliminal or talk with us about your subject and we can put together the affirmations for you.

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No Refunds. We are serious business people hope you are too.

You can contact us before ordering. Please use the contact form.

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With our custom subliminal service, you will have access to your own subconscious mind.

You can even record yourself and send to us the words that you recorded or if you need help- just send us an email and we send you a script. If you want your name inserted in script or any name we can make it for you only.

We will make them subliminal mix with our ocean or rain (you choose) or use your own music which you have to provide.

This subliminal can use your name, her name, his name and sexual innuendo is acceptable.

Only on this page you can make your custom subliminal as kinky as you wish.

You can receive CD or Download (your choice also)

For help in designing your custom script,

we have audio technicians available please contact us to send you a sample of the script regarding your personal desired subject.

The best way to make custom subliminal is ny using your name in each customized audio.

How Should I format My Affirmations?

Here is an example:

Example: I Ken am a loving father. My wife Jenny loves me very much. I love Kenny with all my heart. Or I love Jenny with all my heart.
You get the idea.

Start Your Custom Subliminal Here! $100 Mephisto Custom Subliminal. Ready in 8 to 10 hours.



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