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The company is defunct.

We are not them, however, we are a subliminal company and this is our subliminal store for different types of subjects mostly about relationships. Rest assured we are using a new subliminal technique, the most modern for today’s times.

At the moment we do not sell Cds, only MP3s.

Although the name is similar, and we are selling similar products, we do not intend to trick you; we assure you we are professional.

We are in this business of self-hypnosis subliminal since 2000.

Any subliminal CD can be reproduced if you know the affirmations, or you might create your own, in a form of custom subliminal. 

We do not have ready-made subliminal CDs, due to the increase in postage cost, packing, and manufacture.

Our website is without hyphen ; the old website with a hyphen was and was acquired by a Chinese company.

We are in the process (due to personal requests) to create a list of subliminal CDs, but don’t have a deadline when will be available.

Please visit us again.