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We are experienced in subliminal persuasion and try to stay focused on what the market requests. Our subliminal audios are great tools for getting girls, or self-improvement. We write the affirmations used in each mephisto subliminal messages.

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Read the description and affirmations before buying.

Personal Development Subliminal

Adult Subliminal

Disclaimer: Our programs are designed and intended for use by adults only, and only with the knowledge and consent of all those who are exposed to it.  Our subliminal doesn’t force anyone to do anything against their will. We do not coerce anyone to buy our products.

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Metabolism Subliminal

Mind and Body Healing

Pain Management

Emotional Health New

Become Assertive

Lottery Winning

Attract Luck Subliminal

Extrovert Personality

Build confidence and self-esteem


We are testing a new kind of subliminal where instead of positive affirmations we are using questions.

Accept Who you are
Accept Who you are

Example from Mephisto Confidence Subliminal MP3

Why am I so confident? Why am I respected?

 Why do I make friends with successful people?

 Why do positive things always happen to me?

 Why do I always think positively?

 Why I find good energy from the Universe?

 Why I am blessed with a wonderful mind?

 Why I am blessed with success?

 Why I am such a great person?

 Why do I believe In myself?

 Why do I believe in myself and my abilities?

 Why do I believe in myself with every fiber of my being?

 Why do I believe I can achieve anything?


Subliminal audio messages are recording affirmation on a different frequency level inaudible to your ear but subconsciously accepted.

We have imported the latest technology in subliminal, and use the state-of-the-art studio to create for you a product that can beat anyone on today’s market.

You can order pre-made subliminal mp3s or order your custom subliminal.

Unlike other companies, your subject is not censored, and your fantasy can be unleashed.

But there is one condition.

Once your order – you are the only one responsible for how do you use our subliminal.

There is a disclaimer, and you should read it before purchasing.

So what MephistoSubliminal can do for you?

We can make your own custom subliminal

You can buy already made mephisto subliminal mp3

If you like to have Cds we can ship subliminal Cds to you too.

Mephisto can empower you, open new horizons inside your mind, erase barriers, help you understand your inner self, develop new aptitudes, quit smoking, lose weight, and much more.

We recommend a custom subliminal.

Ask us to help, and we will work with you by email to create the best affirmations that help you.

MephistoSubliminal is your producer of subliminal products to improve your love life and for personal improvement. The mind is more powerful than anything, your desires and your successes come from your mind.

We make custom subliminal – for anyone for only $100.

Soon our website will sell more products as we just moved to a different host provider. Right now Our website is in work and we can offer custom subliminal only until all of our products will be populated.

Subliminal Technology can be used to:

Improve your life. Find relaxation in a busy environment, stop smoking or any addiction, improve your love life.

Can You Really Get a New Life and Change the old you?

Yes you can and now is easier than ever, with newest subliminal technology.

•Build confidence and self-esteem in yourself

•Stimulate creativity, memory, and concentration

•Improve sleep by reducing stress

•Overcome feelings of sadness and depression

•Improve job, sports, and academic performance

•Plus by designing your own custom subliminal script you can achieve virtually any goal of your choice.